Baby African Grey Parrots Available

Baby African Grey Parrots Available



Baby African Grey Parrot For Sale

Name : Henny

Age     :  4-5 Months old

Sex     : Male and Female

Price   :700

  • DNA Sexed
  • Hand fed
  • Weaned
  • Hand Raised
  • Tamed
  • Vaccinated

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Because they are so intelligent, African grey parrot form very strong bonds with their owners and can be quite emotionally needy.
Due to this trait, they do best with owners who can devote ample time to handling and socializing with them daily. Also, African grey parrots need a lot of exercise to keep their strong muscles toned and maintain an adequate physical condition. This means that they must be able to spend several hours per day outside of their cages, playing in supervised, “parrot proof” areas.
They are Hand Reared from day 1 and have been brought up beautiful house hold environment.
All our birds are lovely silly time close ring with the hatching certificate extremely beautiful and highly intelligent lovely family pet and are in very good size.
Their Feathers are in perfect shape and their colors are very shiny and Vibrant.
From the time of theirBirth to weaning Stage, we have Given a lot of care to all our babies and have made every obstacle easy for new owners to own these beautiful gentle parrots.
They have a Lovely large neck & Heads.
Our Birds are Amazing loves human interaction and are friendly.
Can Play around with other animals and children.

Added Advantages during shipping of our birds;
A). We ship them in a free cage
B). With Enough food and water for the bird
C). The delivery service takes care of the bird during shipping deal the birds reaches the destination
D). All documents are ship along with the birds.
E). We also provide a feeding guide for the birds.

Species : Baby African Grey Congo Parrot (Congo African Grey Parrot)

Congo African Greys (CAG’s) are regarded as one of the most intelligent parrots in the world. They are a bundle of energy and their ability to mimic sounds and master speech is astounding.

These parrots are not for everyone as they are a huge commitment and it doesn’t suit their makeup to take a backseat in your life. In the right environment their personalities will shine, they will want to be part of everything you do and they will make their presence known by there comical antics if they are not included. If a CAG is bored or stressed it may result in plucking behaviour.
On the whole they are affectionate, captivating and make incredible
 lifelong companions. Make sure you are prepared to fall in love, congo parrot african grey timneh before you invite an African Grey into your house

Our baby Grey’s are parent started, this enables them to obtain the appropriate crop flora and robust immune system that only the parents can supply. They are then lovingly hand raised in a family environment on a premium hand raising formula, weaned on soaked seed, pellets, grains, fresh fruit, nuts  and vegetables, well socialised and harness trained.

grey congo parrots for sale require more sunlight than the average parrot to aid in the conversion of vitamin D to its active form.

We believe quality is the most important aspect to be considered when purchasing a parrot.
We offer 
ongoing support with all our babies.

Are African grey parrots loud screamers?

African grey parrots are generally known for not being loud screamers. Instead, they tend to channel their vocal instincts into talking and chattering. This makes them potentially suitable for owners living in apartments or condos, as they are not known to be excessively noisy. However, it is worth noting that some individual African grey parrots may still exhibit problematic behaviors in these environments.

How much are African Grey baby parrots?

baby African Grey Parrots are sold for $700 each

Why is African Grey so expensive?

African Grey parrots are expensive because they are the best talking parrots breed

Are African grey parrots easy to keep?

Yes African grey parrots are easy to keep and they are so lovely and intelligent

What is the lifespan of an African grey parrot?

The lifespan of African grey parrots is 23 years


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