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Hedgehog For Sale, Because long-eared hedgehogs (“LEH”) are substantially more active than African pygmy hedgehogs (“APH”), their care needs are quite different. The following are some of the differences: Hedgehog For Sale

In addition to the balanced nutrition of high-quality cat chow, more supplementary protein in the diet, such as: There are a lot of insects!, Meat that has been ground raw, Mice, chicks, and other small whole prey, Raw quail eggs are a favorite of theirs. Enclosures that are larger. We suggest a space of 10-12 square feet. Outside of the cage, there is a lot of free roaming time. More enrichment is required. They enjoy interacting with interactive cat toys. Hedgehog For Sale

As a climber, he is more agile than APH. Unlike APH, it usually does not ball up. When scared or agitated, however, LEH may opt to bite instead. As a result, we do not recommend LEH as a pet for little children or inexperienced or fearful handlers. Hedgehog For Sale

To keep them docile and less “bitey,” consistent handling is required. Although some LEH are significantly larger than the normal APH, they, like all creatures, exist in a variety of forms and sizes. If your nails are extremely long, only clip around the quick. APH has a 7-year average lifespan compared to APH’s 5-year average. Hedgehog For Sale

Please contact us to see if a long-eared hedgehog is perfect for you.

 Hedgehog For Sale

Hedgehog For Sale
Hedgehog For Sale

What is the best way to care for a hedgehog?

There are several possibilities for habitat, but I recommend a large plastic sterilized container filled with pine shavings, a water bottle, a feeding dish, and one or more hide dwellings. For our local clients who are picking up their youngster, we sell complete hedgehog cage setups.

Their bedding should be replaced every 5-7 days at the very least. Check for toenail reductions on your hedgehogs; lengthy nails can be clipped with baby fingernail clippers. Hedgehog For Sale

Your hedgehog will require some type of activity, and while a wheel in the cage is a possibility, I do not recommend it for the reasons listed below. Hedgehogs poop a lot on the wheel, which means they’re in contact with their feces and pee for long periods of time, which can lead to infections in their nails and feet, as well as urine burns. Hedgehog For Sale, hedgehog for sale California

A separate playpen space for your hedgehog is one alternative. You can also use a kiddie pool, an outdoor or indoor playpen, or another large sterile container. Running on a wheel isn’t the only way to get some exercise. Hedgehog For Sale

Hedgehogs require enrichment and hobbies as well. This is accomplished through foraging, investigating the environment, digging new burrows, and coming across novel odors and items. Every time I put them in their play area, I try to change it up. I move the actual play area from time to time, changing the positioning of hide houses, sig sauer p226 scattering food and insects in various areas/corners. Hedgehog For Sale, hedgehog for sale el Paso

Take a few twigs or leaves from outside and let them explore the new scents. Hedgehogs are always looking for something to do, and they appear to be on a mission to explore and have fun in their playpen. In the evenings, your hedgehog would enjoy several hours of play in the pen. Hedgehog For Sale

Food: Hedgehogs are omnivore insectivores who require a balanced diet. Insects, worms, protein kibble, and little amounts of plant stuff should all be included in their diet. Hedgehogs don’t appear to like many vegetables, and feeding them a lot of fruit can induce loose feces. I recommend that they locate a full dry diet that meets all of their nutritional requirements. hedgehog for sale near San Francisco, CA

Handling: Hedgehogs aren’t cuddly, and it’s not only because they’re covered with sharp spines. They dislike being touched, confined, or carried for long periods of time. Hedgehogs are nocturnal, which means they are active at night. If you try to take your hedgehog out during the day, you will almost certainly face opposition and possibly a cranky hedgehog. During the day, hedgehog for sale near me

it’s best to keep things simple and even let your baby nap in a pouch on your lap. There will be no activities or extended playtime. Hedgehogs come to life at night, when all the lights are turned out! They would prefer to be held and played with at this time. It’s also time for them to enter their playpens at this point.

Holding and touching a hedgehog can be difficult at first, but it will rapidly become second nature. Although they have sharp spines, they are easy to handle, and even inexperienced owners will soon be playing and cradling their youngsters. hedgehog for sale near San Jose, CA

Hedgehog For Sale
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