We are USDA-licensed breeders of African crested porcupines, both black and albino.

Care and Facts: African Porcupine For Sale

Our African crested porcupine kids are all hand-reared and very friendly. Your porcupine will be delivered with a care box, travel container, and lifetime breeder support. Milk replacer, bottle and nipple, biscuits, and a Ranchofexoticbreeds Exotics backpack to carry all the essentials are included in the care package.

We give they high-quality dog kibble, monkey biscuits, rat blocks, and fruits and vegetables once they’ve been weaned. Please do your study before deciding to bring a porcupine into your house. Porcupines as babies are small and manageable in a small cage,

but as they grow older, they will demand more outdoor room. Porcupines can be a wonderful pet for many people, but they are still strange animals and may not be suitable for everyone.


Please contact us first to ensure availability before adopting one of our infants. sig sauer p226 If the species you’re seeking for isn’t presently available, you can also request to be added to the waiting list.

A nonrefundable deposit and an approved adoption application are necessary to reserve any bottle baby when you contact us and obtain the paperwork. Deposits are 30% of the entire buying price.


We provide transportation services both domestically and internationally. The cost of having a USDA-licensed pet carrier bring your pet from door to door. Short-distance transports may be charged at a lower rate of $1 per mile.

The cost of shipping more babies to the same address will be reduced. Please keep in mind that animal transportation is entirely at the buyer’s responsibility. Once an animal leaves Ranchofexoticbreeds’ care, we cannot guarantee its health or condition. You can read the entire shipping policy here. porcupine quills for sale



Porcupine FAQs

When do AFRICAN-PORCUPINE shoot their quills?

They do not shoot their quills and only let them go as a last option when all other defensive warning methods have failed. When they are in danger, it will normally climb a tree. They are excellent tree climbers, despite their clumsiness on the ground.

If they are unable to flee, it will erect its quills into a vertical position, making it appear much larger, and release a foul smell. porcupine quills for sale, If that’s not enough, the animal will spin around and flail its tail while making a loud chattering noise. They continues to warn as he backs up to the assailant.

When are AFRICAN-PORCUPINE a problem?

They cause damage to trees, other plants, and vegetation in yards and golf courses, which is an issue. They nibble on almost anything to keep their teeth worn down (a behavior shared by all rodents) or to fulfill their seemingly insatiable salt appetite. north African crested porcupine

porcupine quills for sale When their dogs, who never seem to learn, or livestock are injured by a confrontation, people become outraged. They attract predators, such include coyotes, mountain lions, and bears, which will visit your land in pursuit of a nice porcupine meal. African brush tailed porcupine

Why did they pick my house and yard?

Salt, tender plants, fruits, and veggies are all favorites of porcupines. Animals will be drawn to you if you provide these. Those that hunt at night devour wheel barrow handles, saddles, African brush-tailed porcupine

the undersides of cars that have been sprayed with road salt, and the glue that keeps laminated wood goods together. They will come if you offer them with food and shelter. porcupine quills for sale

What are the health risks of having in my residential or commercial building An AFRICAN-PORCUPINE?

Although sickness is a risk, Their major threat is their quills. Each of their 30,000 quills is needle-sharp and barbed. The quills are difficult to remove, thus animals with implanted quills should seek medical assistance right away. porcupine African

Humans with embedded quills should seek medical attention right away. The quills do not splinter like a splinter, but rather burrow into the flesh and can pierce internal organs, killing the victim. porcupine quills for sale

Will the AFRICAN-PORCUPINE attack me?

They are not aggressive, yet they are adept at protecting themselves when necessary. They are actually placid and nice creatures who prefer to go about their business at a leisurely pace. Their defense, on the other hand, is effective if necessary.

When the animal feels attacked or disturbed in any manner, the long quills rise erect along its back. If you come across one of these creatures on your property, leave it alone and call us to have it removed safely. porcupine quills for sale

What damage can they cause AFRICAN-PORCUPINE?

They consume forest plants, orchards, and equipment, which can result in significant economic damage. In their never-ending pursuit for salt, they cause damage to equipment and structures. In confrontations with porcupine defense systems: quills, animals, and even people, are injured. Buy porcupine. Exotic animals for sale, Small pets for sale

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